significance of right SOURCE!


11 Feb, 2020 | By Pratham pengoria | Blog post - 1

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What are the best sources to study math - Quiet a frequent question!  Just today only I had a clash with a student since he was asking for permission to access my paid courses for free. I ended up shutting him down since he was going abusive stating I work for money in spite of the fact that 90% of my real content is free but the fun part was that he ended up saying

- I AM DOING WHAT I CAN, IT HARDLY MATTERS ON SOURCES  what he wanted to signify was - f*** off i don't need your useless courses

Well, in his case rage caused the problem but I’m about to highlight this issue Since many students take SUCH STATEMENTS SERIOUSLY

A Good source may not necessarily the essential element for your achievements but it largely impacts - sometimes impactful enough to lead you to remorse 

#turning likes to dislikes


Coming to the point: No source is 100% perfect and the most important source which should be wisely taken care of is already in your head! Like for example, the moment I came to know that we can’t solve the Integration of e^(x^2) using standard methods...I brought 5 - chart papers | bunch of markers | pens |…. To create my own math by altering the very basics of integration and lead it to a totally different format! -  where the area of the function could be illustrated...quiet a bold! 

I ended up getting exhausted and obviously it was a failure but the amount of clarity I gained about the construction of integration was uncomparable than the best of my teacher’s teachings!


Conclusion: Did I used any external source here? - No! Still, it proved out to be miraculous - hence, I’ll again say: THE BEST SOURCE IS IN YOUR HEAD


Now let’s deal with analytics! Though in my perspective I have already said 99% of the relevant stuff I have. But people demand “FROM WHERE TO STUDY” in the name of sources .. so, I’d fulfill that also 



  • There is no Indian source to study math the way it should be!

  • 3B1B - Just the name is enough, AOPS, Let’s solve math problems, Brilliant, MIT OCW 


For jee 

  • Mathon go is best we have ( acc to me ) some people might get offended because I haven’t mentioned the name of their star teacher! Well I respect efforts of everyone but I have my own set of code to judge on the basis of what’s profitable or not irrespective of it being good or bad