5 Points to ensure if YOU want to Increase 50+ marks in JEE Main from January to April.


Disclaimer: In this blog, I’ll tell you only those things that I applied and worked for me. I’m NOT here to please YOU. I am here to address the dedicated students who want transformation.

Before I address the transformation let me tell you about the author of this a blog a bit, so that you guys can relate.


This is Aman Singh from IIT-Varanasi who was initially very much like you, a serious JEE aspirant who started preparing for JEE in 11th. I too used to think that since I am starting late, will I be able to compete and get a seat in IIT?


Filled with a hell lot of similar negative thoughts in my head I joined a local coaching and YES the initial days were good. But only the initial days! As days passed on I started to receive less and less attention, moreover the local coaching was talking only of theory. Many other aspects are there to be focused on, the things which made this transformation possible in a very short time.

They are…

  • The Algorithm

  • Problem-Solving Strategies

  • Paper-Solving Methods

  • Dos and Don’ts of JEE syllabus

  • Revision Methods

  • Stress and Depression (no one talks of this)

  • Mentorship at the Right time


The local coaching never talked of them, even I was unaware of this (until I got GCC). How can they, syllabus completion was a very big slice of cake for them to digest.


I never thought that I was lacking at these points. How will I?

The local coaching didn't even give a damn method to calculate my current level of JEE preparation. 


So, how I realized all this?


All these realizations happened only after the results of the JEE main 2019 January were out. After the paper, I told everyone that I’m gonna score at least 220+ in the exam.


But what was the result?


I got 147! 


73 less then what I calculated!


F*** my calculations. 


14 incorrect answers! 


F*** accuracy.


I was shocked! 


Stress and Depression hit me.


All my dreams seemed to be shattered. Over this, all support from local coaching was withdrawn. The time when a JEE aspirant needs his/her mentor the most, they will withdraw all the support and leave you alone (most horrible part). 


Parallelly I had an eye on Parth Chopra, the IIIT-CSE guy. I thought that an IIT qualified guy can help me. I contacted him, got to know about GCC, paid him 25000 for that one month course.


And then I witnessed the main transformation(I’ll not talk about the course here a lot). It was like 10-15 hours a day course, where we were working on the things I mentioned above.


What every JEE aspirant should focus on from the very starting, I got to know about them just a month ago!

The 5 most important out of those are...

The Algorithm

No proper algorithms were there to solve questions,  I get confused whenever I see a new question. As per JEE is concerned, for the topic with which you are familiar, it's ok. You will do it anyhow. 


But for your weak topics, if you work on the algorithms of the questions appearing in JEE(not the archives),  you can solve even tough questions of JEE Advanced quickly.

Problem-Solving Strategies

You spend hours solving a question, and that damn question remained unsolved. On the other hand, you strategically choose the most relevant questions, dedicate 2 min each for the question, if you solved it then it’s okay, otherwise you learned the algorithm of that question through solution. But you never wasted even a single second for a rubbish problem which will never benefit you! 


That’s what every JEE aspirant need and I’m damn sure that local coachings or any other online one can’t afford it. But if you work on the Problems with a proper strategy, you too can achieve it.

Paper-Solving Strategies

You mastered wave optics but you never got the time to even look at the question that appeared from that topic.

You got stuck in the questions of those topics for which you were less prepared because you thought that you can solve that question. 

This thought of yours destroyed your career. There are many other aspects to Paper Solving Strategies which I’m not talking of here. 

I mastered the Art of Paper Solving in GCC. Which helped a lot in the transformation I’m talking about.


And the best part is you too can Master the Art of Paper Solving. This has been made easy in the Grand Mentorship Program.


Targeting the syllabus

If I talk of Organic Chemistry, there are 200+ reactions for the JEE syllabus. But the paper keeps revolving around the top 50 reactions. 


See, the syllabus is already reduced to one-fourth. In this way, I targetted what appears more frequently in JEE and worked on it. The whole GCC was designed for this. If somebody has told me this earlier, I would be in IIT-Bombay. 


Obviously, the coaching guys are not going to work on it. Either you do it yourself or take the help of a mentor(as I did).

Stress & Depression

The most important aspect of JEE preparation goes completely unnoticed! 


100+ or more no. of students attempt suicide per year. For me, I too got suicidal thoughts sometimes, because I was struggling hard through the JEE syllabus. 


Parth Chopra helped me personally to work on the cause and eliminate stress and depression completely. At the time when most of the JEE aspirants were in stress, I was chilling at the same time preparing for the JEE. 


The quality of my JEE preparation was improved several times. The last JEE paper was the best paper I gave in my life. Thanks to Parth Chopra.


There are the aspects of JEE on which every JEE aspirant should focus from the starting only. I did this for only one month, you see the result, I got 220 in JEE Main 2019 April attempt, an increment of around 70 marks that too without any stress. 


That’s the transformation I was referring to.


If you are with me till here, I’m sure you too want that transformation. And YES I’m always here to help you. I believe in transmitting things and YOU should also do this by sharing useful things with your friends.


Last but not least, if you focus on these aspects from the very beginning of your JEE preparation, YOU will be a part of stress-free, to the point, strategic JEE preparation which is bound to bring results!

Action Points…


  • First, analyze your current level of preparation.

  • List your target(what rank you want to achieve).

  • Make a list of the 5 Points that I talked about above.

  • Ensure that YOU solve them all.


Now, for the dedicated ones, who want to witness this transformation. We have additional support. We believe that if you will start to work on them then YOU will definitely face problems. You can submit any one of your queries here at help.iitjeementorship@gmail.com 


Our mentors will respond soon.


The students in the Grand Mentorship Program need not to worry. We will ensure all those points for you. 


-by Aman Singh(IIT-BHU)