Reading the title you may be confused that we are preparing you for JEE and at the same time saying that you will not get your dream college. How can that be? 


The fact is that the college present in your dreams doesn't exist in reality. This is your biggest mistake - throughout your JEE preparation, you keep assuming that you will be going to your dream college. 


BUT from where are these dreams coming to you?


It's because you have just heard bits and pieces from here and there like the Reality of high salary packages, Grand Placements, and the great works that happen in college.


You’ve never researched to find out the truth by yourself. So how will you get the right kind of dream? 


In your dream, you expect a college to be the way you think. But please note that college is the larger body, not you. So you have to adapt according to the college. Whatever your dream is, it is not necessary for the college to be that way.


If we ask you which college you want to join, you will answer IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, etc. 

But here's a better question for you - In which direction do you want to work?

Is it computer science, Software, Hardware, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or do you only want to get away with a degree?


If you are only aiming for a college, you just want to get away with a degree. If you were aiming for a branch of your interest you wouldn't be looking for your dream college. Of course the better your college, the better it is.


But what if you get into the college you aspired for where you have to learn something you were never interested in? Just imagine yourself helplessly looking at students around learning the subject you like and you are trapped in a branch you hate. 


Here, your dream is fulfilled but still, you will suffer. If you suffer by getting into a bad college, it makes sense. But if you even suffer in your dream college, that just doesn’t make any sense. 


Don’t do this stupidity of getting into your dream college and still suffering it, just because you are not doing what you want.


Please see this when you go to college, you feel the work much more than staying in college.


Suppose your interest was Computer Science but on the whim to get into a top-ranked and more reputed college you compromised your branch of study. Now you will go there, look at other students doing what you like, wish if you could also do that way, and keep regretting all the time.


So, don’t target a particular college. Don’t create a college in your dreams. We should not make such dreams which if fulfilled, will make you suffer. Dreams should be about improving your life, isn’t it? 


Having a dream college is like you never had any real interest to learn something, you were just running after college. When you don’t have a real interest, you will suck at it. You will never give your best. 


Such a dream is self-defeating in itself. If it gets true, you will stay stagnant and if it doesn't get true, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Just see the trap you are putting yourself into.


Motivators tell you such things to get into this college, that college, get your target at any cost, and much more. It’s just to motivate that sick person who is soaked in mediocrity and depression.


But when you are preparing seriously, you should not be in this motivation or optimistic mode. You must be in the realistic mode. 


In reality, there is both optimism and pessimism. If you are only optimistic, you are ignoring half of the reality. Suppose you are driving and you ignore half of the road. Then an accident is inevitable, right?


Even here you are doing the same. Please realize that you are in the realm of reality and practicality, neither in optimism nor pessimism. Being optimistic is a choice. Reality is not a choice, you are always in reality. If you ignore half of the reality, you will definitely face accidents.


So, optimism is of no use. Should you maintain a balance between optimism and pessimism? No, where’s the need to do that?


You can naturally see that there are ups and downs in external situations. If you understand the downs as ups, you are making a blunder.


What you have to work upon is that your internal situation should not be decided by the external situation. Only you must decide on your internal situation. If the situation is positive, see it that way. The same goes for negative situations. 


If the external situation is negative, you need not feel negative internally, you need not create negative emotions which are against your life.


So, there’s a difference between external and internal situations. You take charge of your internal situation. In an external situation, optimism or pessimism anyone may persist, that’s not a problem. 


See the reality as the way it is. Don’t make distortions.


So, those of you who are making up things like dream colleges, you are creating unnecessary optimism by which you will ignore half of the reality and get into an accident. Accident in the sense you kept preparing for JEE but didn’t get your desired rank.


Obviously, you must have seen JEE success stories where toppers will tell you about putting up the poster of their dream college on their study table and getting daily motivation. You saw the few toppers who were doing this but you missed out on the lakhs of students who were doing this but did not get into any IIT or NIT.


You just see the success stories, not the failure stories. 


We always say Success story doesn't mean it is the story of someone's success. It is only that part of the complete story when a person was successful. Something else may happen the next moment and something else might have happened before. 


Don't get trapped in all this. 


We wish that you never get into your dream college because it doesn't exist in reality. It only exists in your dreams. Probably that's why you have named it your dream college.


  • Do not assume that your dream college exists.​

  • Spend some quality time to do proper research of the colleges where you are aspiring to go.

  • Instead of having a dream college, choose the direction in which you want to work.

  • Keep dreams and aspirations which are self-empowering.

  • Accept the reality as it is, positive or negative.

  • Try to ensure that your internal situation is decided by you alone.

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-by Team TJC