Many students have the question that if they follow all of my JEE related content on YouTube, Quora, etc will they get a rank under 1000? Or if they learn from a particular coaching or do a particular set of books, will they get a rank under 1000? 


So, Let's take 2 cases - the first one where you will get under 1000 rank and the second one where you won't get it.


Now if you come under case 1, will you stop studying? If I say that you will get the rank 20, will you stop preparing for JEE? No, you will strive for a better rank than that. Still, you will study with absolute Dedication. Right?


Let's take the second case. If I say that forget about 1000, you will get a rank of 50k, now should you not study dedicatedly? Yes, you should. So, after all, when the outcome of both cases is the same, what's the point in knowing if you will get under 1000 rank? It doesn't make sense. It's senseless to keep thinking whether I will get a rank under 1000 or not, whether I will get a rank under 100 or not. Whether you get it or not, you just need to keep studying and Improving. 


You just want to know if what you are doing is enough. Don't you? No, whatever you are doing, it's never enough. Now, does that mean even the content in our courses is not enough? Ooo, come on, now you are attacking straight away. 


Well then, Let me tell you this. Suppose you are enrolled in our course and learning from it. If you are doing it completely, you will find that there will always be something in that course that will be left out by you. That's how we design our courses so that there's always something for you to do.


As you complete one aspect, the next level is unlocked for you and it keeps happening as you complete more and more. Something or the other keeps happening all the time.


So, preparation can never stop. You can never say that you did something and that's it, your preparation is over. You've got to keep preparing till you have time for JEE.


Whenever whatever you are doing, it's never enough. It's because you are moving towards a never-ending aim. You want to be at the top, but no one knows what exactly is the top position. 


All are putting in their maximum efforts but none of them know what's the top position or the endpoint. If you clear one step, you will see that there are 10 more to go. That's always true. When you solve problems, there will always be problems to learn from and improve.


That's how we design our courses that are never-ending. "Never-ending" in the sense that it ends at the point when your JEE begins. 


For example, in PSP (Problem Solving Program), I will have already covered all the content but when the exam approaches, 15 days before the exam, I will start taking classes once again as an extra bonus to wake up the sleeping guys for the upcoming exam and keep things fresh in their minds. It happens during both JEE Main and Advanced. 


So, exam preparation is a never-ending process of growth. The same goes for our courses. You will always find impurities in your preparation and purifying that is the process of growth. Here, there's no limit to growth. So, whatever you do is not enough. Remember this. 


If you put limits on your growth, it becomes stunted. That's not proper growth. Do you want to be that way? You want to touch the maximum possible height, don't you? Since growth is limitless, preparation is never-ending. 


So, keep preparing for JEE and upgrading yourselves. All the Best! 


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-by Team TJC