Improve YOUR JEE Math skill in a few days

As the title says, we will be exploring the maths skills required to solve JEE problems.


Since we're gonna focus on the Math skill - which refers to the Problem-Solving part in Math. So there are a few prerequisites that every JEE Aspirant must possess. 

These are as follows...



All the terminologies appearing in the jee maths syllabus like continuity, differentiability, adjoint, etc must be ultra-clear to you.



You must be frequent with all the essential formulae, its derivation, implementation, and the modifications you can do with it to solve different kinds of problems. 

For e.g., if you know the formulae of Quadratic equations and matrices you must know how to modify and use them. 



You must be handy with all the Standard Results, not only the ones covered in your books and coaching notes and material but every standard equation and algorithms that are being used frequently to solve questions. 


You usually remember the equations but many of you miss the standard steps(algorithm) used to solve the questions.


Once you are done with the prerequisites, then we can move on to the Math-Skill training part.


Let’s start then...


Whenever you solve a problem you must learn from each of them in a way that you can solve problems correctly in the exam. You must know what steps to do, in which sequence and the given conditions. Like for example, when you have to find the common tangent between a parabola and a circle, you can either write the equation of tangent for a parabola and put the circle's condition or you can write the equation of tangent on a circle and put the parabola's condition. 

Now if you apply the second method you will not be able to solve it. Here you must know which method to apply. 


Like this, whatever knowledge, algorithms, and experience you gain here, only that will be useful in the exam. If you miss it, you are just solving problems for a pleasant experience, not for a real benefit. So, whenever you finish solving a set of questions, spend time to take the learning extract from that. All these algorithms should always be active in your mind. 


Suppose there are 2-3 solutions each having 4 different steps. Now, the question that you will get in JEE advanced may involve a mixture of steps from all those 3 solutions like step 1 from second, step 3 from first, and step 2 from the last one. 


You have to increase your intelligence to a level that you can break these complex problems into simpler steps to proceed with the solution and it should happen very fluidly within a few seconds. You must develop your intelligence to a level higher than the complexity involved in the question. If you solve problems this way with the extraction and application of algorithms, you will be able to do it. 


Along with that, you must keep the data revised more frequently than the algorithms. 


Now, let's come to improving the calculation part. 


Many will suggest that it will improve if you keep the calculator aside. But JEE just doesn't include basic forms of arithmetic calculation, dynamic calculations are involved there.


For example, in a question of integration, dividing the numerator and denominator by x^2 is a part of the calculation. Similarly, rationalization, substitution, all of these are also included in it. 


There are many ways to improve your calculation. One of the methods is...


While solving problems, Try to reduce using your pen as much as possible. Instead, Increase your mental calculation. 


Let me tell you how I do it...


In my paper solving video, you must have seen me only drawing a simple figure instead of the actual complex figure, just because more than half of the things are already there in my mind.


What do you think why we have to write while solving problems? 


Simply because we are unable to handle the temporary data in our mind. To stabilize it and focus we have to fix it in our copy. 


You can easily observe this - if I tell you a phone number now, by the time I say the last 3 digits you may have forgotten the first 3 digits or may have got confused in between somewhere. But if you only write the first 3 digits and listen to the rest, you will be able to remember it properly. 


In this way, you have to focus on solving problems mentally. 


Action Points...

  • Learn from each Problem that YOU solve(dedicate time to analyze what you learned)

  • Note the steps and algorithms that you used to solve a question.

  • See different approaches to the same problem, YOU need the shortest one

  • Train your mind to handle more data at once.

  • Reduce the use of a pen as YOU practice questions at home.

  • Put more things in your mind, it will increase your speed.

  • Reduce the complexity of the problem by drawing simple figures for that.


If You ensure all these things, you will see a profound change in your math skills in a few days. 


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-by Team TJC