Is solving Cengage Completely

 a good decision when YOU have

 3-4 months left?

I won’t speak here much, let’s get directly to the point.


In this phase of preparation when you have less than 4 months to prepare, solving Cengage completely can turn out to be a bad decision.


What you need is to cover all topics at the level of the exam. You cannot afford to leave the topics unrevised and appear for JEE with the FAKE confidence gained in solving Cengage completely. 

This fake and fancy confidence can lead to a real disaster. Avoid doing it. 


Avoid getting motivated to solve Cengage completely in 4 months. 


As the exam gets closer, you need to increase the selectivity of questions. Like solving exam pattern problems of all the topics covering all variation concentrated on 50 - 100 problems. 


You cannot waste time in solving so many easy single correct questions in Cengage. I recommend you to solve books or in common terms revision packages like the RRB(Resonance Rank Booster) at this point which is the best fulfilling the present requirement and having minimum errors. 


If you want to solve Cengage, you can go for all the illustrations and solved examples, and upon that you can add subjective questions or multi correct and comprehension type questions for advanced level. 


This is the most intelligent decision you can take at this moment. 

Action Points…

  • Solving exam pattern problems.

  • Make sure you cover all the topics.

  • Make sure you cover problems of all variations.

  • It would be best if you get concentrated questions on all the topics, specific to JEE.

  • Make a list of all YOUR strong and weak topics.

  • Try to finish them with…

    • Proper notes

    • Problem-Solving(advanced level)

    • Proper Tests

    • Proper Analysis

    • Revision Strategies

  • For revision we recommend solving questions from RRB(Resonance Rank Boosters) - make sure you do it!



Not only Cengage there are many other books which should not be done blindly. They require the support of a mentor.


Only those who care about all these aspects are able to perform well in JEE(get their desired rank). 


We understand that it is difficult for you to that’s why we created the Grand Mentorship Program for you, where we will take care of all the above-mentioned aspects.


For the serious and dedicated students, we are always ready to help them reach their goal. The dedicated ones who really need help can send any one of the queries at

-by Team TJC