Methods to 

Avoid Exhaustion and

You can be exhausted in 3 ways - physically, mentally, or usually both


As per the Physical Exhaustion is concerned, it will be ensured if you work on these two things…

  • Diet (Ignore bulky food, go for more alive and energetic food)         

  • Posture(choose a posture that is not harmful for YOUR body)


Actually, when you sit for long hours inertia comes in. This inertia then affects your mental state because you don’t know how to keep your mind unaffected by your physical conditions. 


To break this inertia and stabilize your mind, here’s what you can do :


Cardio Exercises

10 mins of running, jumping or any such cardio exercise will increase your pulse rate to 30-50%. Immediately after that, you can rest for about 10 mins to bring your breath and pulse rate to normal. This 20 mins process normalizes your blood circulation and agility of your muscles, thus breaking inertia. 


You can also go for Well-engineered methods like…

Upayoga practices and Isha Kriya which will work for your overall wellbeing.


(Ensure that you follow the instructions properly)


Coming to Mental Exhaustion…

It is a misconception that your mind is exhausted. Mind means activity. If there’s no activity, what’s the use of mind? 


So, your mind never gets exhausted.


The truth is you can use your mind continuously for as long as you want, without ever tiring it. You will have problems with your mind only when you create thoughts you don’t want and further you go on creating those thoughts endlessly while attempting to stop it!


Pain doesn’t occur in your mind. 

Headaches happen due to reduced blood flow to your brain, which is again a physical aspect arising with prolonged periods of no vigorous physical activity. 

So, for the mind, the solution is just this-


In Inorganic too, there are concepts and mechanisms.

And …each and every JEE aspirant need to understand this.


First of all, realize that only you create your thoughts and learn to create those thoughts which work for you, not against you. You just need to exercise your power to produce the right thoughts as you want. It is that simple, only you think it is difficult because you have not used your power. 


The reality is you are in the control room. But without realizing it, you are looking for big solutions. The solution is very simple and right here in your hands, YOU just need to figure out the right method and then do the needful.

Action Points…

  • Take a less bulky and alive diet(pranik food).

  • Avoid harmful postures that cost YOU efficiency.

  • Do regular UpaYoga(to stabilize the body and fix posture)

  • Do regular IshaKriya(to fix your mind)

  • Realize that you create all your thoughts.

  • STOP creating negative thoughts!


For the dedicated high-rank aspirants, we recommend that they do their regular practices. For those who want to develop the other aspects of their mind(memory, intellect, attention, etc), we have proper practices. 

But it is not possible for us to train YOU guys here in this blog on those aspects, but the dedicated ones can reach out to us.


In the Grand Mentorship Program we take care of the diet, sleep, physical health and mental health. The aspiring folks can join us or drop their query here, one of the your mentor will contact you soon.

-by Team TJC