Ways to

Increase Efficiency

 and Managing Sleep

Sleep is essentially a form of rest that one's body needs in order to maintain itself. 

But it’s not the ONLY form of rest. 

There are other forms of rest

REMEMBER - Do NOT generalize sleep. 


It is a stupid idea to say that everyone should sleep 8 hours a day or 7 hours a day or whatever that damn number is!


Sleep is an individual aspect. It depends on person to person. 


On a particular day, sleep requirement might be less, another day more. It depends on various factors that I'll list later.

First, let us understand what causes sleep requirements to increase and how it is related to restfulness.


Anyways our final aim is to increase efficiency, and that can be done by tweaking up restfulness.

Restfulness is on various levels…

  • On the level of body

  • On the level of Mind

  • Other subtler levels (we won't go into it now)

Since we are not restful the whole day, the sleep requirement increases.

If you maintain Restfulness on all levels throughout the day, the sleep requirement will decrease dramatically.

But in practice, we create disturbances and agitation in our body and mind in various ways. 

Let’s look at the top 4 of them…


Eating food that takes a high amount of energy for its processing, simply creates stress in the body. 

In this way, you are simply harming your body. Then the body will need more rest in order to recover. Which eventually results in increased sleep and reduced efficiency. 

2.Sleep - Transition States

Transition State means the state between a well aware awake state and deep sleep. Not taking care of the two transition states might lead to some damage as transition states are very crucial. Alarms that you use are very harmful to your body!


Not being in a reasonably stable posture will lead to enormous damage in the physical body and the spine not being straight for long periods of time will lead to a steep decline in one's perception.


4.Mental Stress

Being in mental stress takes a toll on your body and mind. On a certain day, if you are very joyful, you feel less inertia and your sleep requirement decreases.

So, the sleep is just undoing the harm done to the body and mind by YOU.


Action Points…

  • Develop a deep understanding of what diet you need.

  • Figure out what’s your sleep requirement and take care of the transition state as well.

  • Figure out the correct posture of studying.

  • Take care of your Mental Health too.

  • Avoid thoughts that put in Stress and Depression.


So, if you tweak up your body on these 4 levels. You will notice a significant difference in your sleep and efficiency both. 

For the dedicated ones who really want to work on these 4 aspects, we provide extra support. You can reach out to the mentors by addressing any one of your queries help.iitjeementorship@gmail.com

                                                          -by Team TJC