Why more than

95% JEE Aspirants 

FAIL to make

a Balance between 

All Three Subjects in JEE?

The reason why balancing three subjects(physics, chemistry, and math) for a JEE aspirant is a big issue, because YOU have not invested enough time in developing a proper understanding of the exam.


You have not spent enough time in understanding what JEE is about?


You have still not got, “What JEE demands from a JEE Aspirant?


Maybe because you haven’t spent a single second of your life Understanding all this! I have noticed 1000+ aspirants in my life who don’t spend enough time understanding the basic nature of the exam, but they still prepare.


Let’s fix it here…


JEE has got it’s defined syllabus which consists of three equal shares of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. So if you want to excel in JEE, you need to work according to the terms of the exam. According to the JEE’s term!


The reason why students are unable to manage three subjects is because of their interests. In their initial days of preparation, somehow they got interested in any one of the subjects. Then they start to fulfill their interest in that subject, they forget that they are preparing for JEE. 


Yes, they do forget, at least temporarily for some time. You need to understand that JEE preparation is not to fulfill your little interests. It is for a much larger goal. 


If you want to fulfill your interest in being a physician or great mathematician then I’m sorry YOU are at the wrong spot.


Don’t be too serious, I am joking. BUT try to understand the root cause of this!


You are deeply interested in a particular subject, that's fine. But in the pursuit of fulfilling that, you ignore a subject which later on becomes your backlog. 


You see its always in your hand. Decide what you want - the score and rank you desire in JEE or fulfillment of your interests? 


This solution to your problem lies in being aware of the fact that YOU will get the rank you desire, only if YOU go for all the three subjects. Then you will naturally develop an interest in all three subjects.


If you want marks, naturally you have to balance all the 3 subjects because all 3 have equal weightage. 


You cannot improve your overall score by giving more time to one subject. 


If you are giving priority to one subject, the other subjects are getting less of your preparation time. Realize the loss happening in the other subjects. 


YOU need to understand the real source of this problem?


Sometimes you study for marks and sometimes to fulfill your interests. 


Generally, you study for marks. But when difficulties come, you go by your interests to feel pleasant. 


So whenever you bring your personal interests into work, definitely you will compromise with the work and it will all go waste. 


Work is not to fulfill your immediate personal aspirations, but for your higher aspirations - to get a better college, live a better life. 


What's the point going for immediate pleasures which are destructive in the long run? 


So, just decide one thing and do it dedicatedly. I’m pretty sure you will work according to the JEE needs, not yours.

Action Points…

  • Make a list of what it takes to Qualify JEE(take help of your mentor)

  • Understand what are the needs of JEE.

  • Remind yourself that JEE is not for fulfilling your interests.

  • If difficulties come, be aware, don’t leave that topic. Strive and fight for that.

  • At the end of the day, Ask yourself this...Did I study all three subjects today?

  • If not then ensure it the next day and repeat?


For the dedicated students, who have ensured all the action points listed here and want to go to the next level. We offer them to drop one of their queries here at help.iitjeementorship@gmail.com

One one the mentor will reach out to you as soon as possible.


-by Team TJC