The Right Attitude

towards JEE!


Generally, JEE Main doesn’t have much regard in the eyes of a JEE aspirant, studying in class 11. 


Even someone who has just entered class 12 sees JEE Main the same way although he studied nothing in class 11. Such students assume that scoring 200+ in JEE Main is easy. 

They won’t practise much for this. Later when 2-3 months are left for JEE Main, they give some tests in coaching. From 200+ their aspirations come down to 150+. A few come down to even lesser than that. Then there are some nut cases scoring 30-40 marks in their coaching tests but still assuming to get 100+ or even 150+ in JEE Main. 


Mark it, this happens with more than 90% of the Students.


Whatever your target is, that's not the point.


But what if you are living in an illusion that it will happen?


Illusion in the sense you think that you are or you will put efforts to achieve that target but you will not really do anything. 


So, I will talk about a few situations with which you will get to know yourself better or in other words, you will be exposed to your loopholes


Let's begin... 


👉🏻 Usually, you solve coaching modules. You get some chapterwise JEE Main questions there. As soon as you successfully solve the first easy question, you get the confidence of getting AIR 1 in JEE Main for sure. 


Then you go for the second question but are unable to crack it. You see the solution and think that it is easy to understand, so you will be able to do it in the exam. It was just that you were not at your full concentration and focus while solving that problem, otherwise, you would have done it.


Like this, as you feel the question is easy, you assume that you will be able to do it in the exam. 


There's no issue in making such assumptions but the Insincerity with which you think all that, you show it in the rest of your preparation. 


Note that you should Never make a Judgment like this by just seeing one particular question of a paper. You are not so stable that your judgments will not affect the way you will be preparing ahead.


That's how you generally think. By seeing one easy question you think the whole paper would be easy irrespective of whether or not you can solve it. You don't see much difference between your current situation and in being able to solve the problem successfully in the exam. 


Now, Let's See the Reality. With such a mindset, You Ignore innumerable factors that harm your preparation in a big way. 


I will discuss some major factors here. 


🔘 First of all, you don't consider time constraints which is a very important factor in the exam. You ignore it completely while attempting and seeing the solution of the problems in your coaching sheets. And the JEE Main questions you solve in 5 mins, that's of no use.


If you are taking 5 mins now, what will happen in the exam?


So, what you are thinking as your current state and the real state that is required while solving the paper to get a top rank has worlds of differences. 


How will you know if you are in illusion? Simply give a full syllabus test properly. 


But still, most of you will fool yourself here also. Wanna know how?


👉🏻 You will give a full test at your home, attempt 50-60 questions out of which you will get 20 wrong. Then you will tell yourself that among those 20, you could get 10-15 questions right because, in 5 of them, you just made some silly mistakes and you were just going to revise the concepts involved in the rest of the questions.


So, in the final paper, you would do it right. Like this, you will estimate some 200+ marks and after that, you will again be studying a lot so, you will definitely get 250+ scores. 


Stop living in illusions!


What's the problem in accepting your current level and putting efforts to improve?


Why so many assumptions and philosophies?

You need them only when you don't really want to do something. 


If you are clear about doing something worthwhile, you will be straight with yourself


🔘 Just see how you simply ignored the factor of making Silly Mistakes for which students regret a lot. 


🔘 You even ignore your External surroundings. Currently, you are not in a state that external surroundings won't affect you at all. You better accept this. If you can not, just surround yourself with garbage and sit down to study. You will know for sure. 


When you are attempting a question, you must consider in which location and with what mindset you do it. 


These are the major aspects.


You can make the nearest possible estimation if you are frequently giving full syllabus tests. For that, keep giving tests without relying on the coaching because usually, the frequency is too low. You must even practise questions with challenging time constraints. 


If you are a beginner, ensure these factors from now itself instead of making up assumptions, philosophies, and fooling yourself, thus ruining your JEE. 


Don't live in the philosophy that "Ignorance is Bliss". It is NOT


  • Be Sincere and Straight with Yourself so that You see the Reality.

  • Strive for Clarity, not Confidence.

  • Never make Judgments with little Information.

  • Don't Ignore Major Rank-Deciding factors like Time Constraints, Silly Mistakes, and External Surroundings.

  • Analyze Your Preparation Level by Giving Tests Sincerely.

  • Practise Questions with challenging Time Constraints.



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-by Team TJC