In this JEE Curriculum

We all use hundred’s of different strategies to enhance our Preparation, People have developed Complex figures to enhance the way we learn ( taking Introduction of AI in learning as an example ) and yet many people ignore one of the MOST BASIC and DEADLY EFFECTIVE ways to study I’m Talking about PODCASTS

(For those who don’t know - Simple voice tracks of information which you’d wanna keep your self updated with)

You can’t always move out keeping that ‘SHORT NOTES’ paper in your hands - Try doing that in a family function you’ll be in the limelight in a way you’d not wanna be BUT imagine yourself having your earphones on and you revising parabolas for your test tomorrow, 

Effective isn’t it

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 Parabolas part 3 

scheduled on 19/02/20

12:00 Pm

Significance of parabolas | Introduction to eccentricity |Introduction to  JEE centered manipulations

General equation | Introduction to shifting the origin 


 AOD PART 1 and 2 

scheduled on 19/02/20

12:00 Pm

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