Just Going Through The Solution To these Question Will Create A sense of wonder In you. These very few of those thousand tough questions I have Encountered During My own preparation which I think a finely made masterpiece of High School level Mathematics 

Putting yourself into a challenge every day Is a fine way to test yourself, I suggest every question you solve should be treated as you are solving it in an exam but These daily Challenges are not going to be some random questions you will find anywhere. I personally manipulate a question in a way that it becomes a best fit for learning

This is one thing related to JEE to which I have dedicated my extreme efforts.  It's meant for those who aspire for a high rank, not just fantasy. Those who straight away want to come to the point and prepare 

How amazing would it be If you could revise like this? If you are a dedicated JEE Aspirant you would naturally realize the immensity of Revision done in this manner 

There are Some Maththematical analogies which I have myself invented which I would be Introducing here when the right time comes